Monday, January 11, 2016

Featured Abstract Oil Painting: Secret In The Sky

Secret in the Sky is about gaining perspective on your life.

When I started this painting, at first I couldn't connect to it. I felt too close to really see it, so I couldn't finish it. Instead, I turned it to face the wall.

A month later, when I finally turned it around and looked at it again, I started to see how the circles and negative space played off of each other.

It looked a little planetary, a little otherworldly. Like a photo of space. So I added trails of light around the circles to harmonize them and bring them into a balanced coexistence.

The “secret” in the title is about gaining perspective on your life. Sometimes, when you look up into the sky, it makes you realize that your troubles aren't really all that big in the vastness of the universe.

Every once in a while, we all need to get that kind of perspective. It makes all the difference.
Secret In The Sky is painted in oil with gold leaf on a 20" round canvas.

You can see Secret In The Sky, and other new paintings on my website, Thanks so much for looking! 

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